Baby Sitting

It can be hard to find the perfect babysitter for your unique little one. From kids who love sports to kids who love art, and every combination in between, we have a solid team to choose from. No matter the sitter, years of experience and background checks are standard. We only employ those who have fun and enjoy caring for children, meaning no matter who you choose, your child will be in the best hands in and around Harris County, TX. So call us today to learn more! We look forward to picking up your call.

Infant Care

Infants often come with a more complex care list, and our team is always ready to tackle it. From feeding, changing, and washing to bedtime, our team is experienced in the field of infant care. We will work closely with you to find the best sitter for your unique little loved one, leaving you feeling safe, secure, and satisfied. Your baby is the light of your life, and we will only ever take care of it as if it were our own. So call us today to work out the important details for your next infant care service in Houston, TX today.

Overnight Care

Our team can work beyond regular business hours. Whether you have a business trip that needs you to be out of town or have health and wellness concerns that may keep you away from the home, our sitters can come to wherever you need in and around the Houston or Harris County, TX area and sit your little ones. We will follow whatever mealtime and bedtime rules you may have, all while showing them care, concern, and warmness. Having a parent away can be a stressful situation for any child, but we are here to make that a little easier. Call today to learn more about our overnight sitting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hourly Rates At Residence

1 Child  - $15.00
2 Children - $16.00
3 Children - $17.00
4 Children - $18.00

Hourly Rates At Hotel

1 Child  - $18.00
2 Children - $19.00
3 Children - $20.00
4 Children - $21.00

- Add $1 per hour for each additional child.
- Add $7 per hour for each guest child.
- On New Year's Eve rates are double. In addition, there will be a 48 hour $80 cancellation fee and a deposit will be required.

Service Areas

- Harris County, Texas

- Houston, Texas

- Greater Houston Area

Overnight Rates

1 Child  - $225 per 24 hours
2 Children - $235 per 24 hours
3 Children - $245 per 24 hours
4 Children - $255 per 24 hours

Terms & Conditions

-$10 per round trip.

-There is a 4-hour minimum fee for each sitting.

-There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for all hotel sitting services.


-Hourly sitting 24-hour cancellation fee $50.
-24-Hour sitting 48-hour cancellation fee $100.


-No agency or registration fees, ever.