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Our Sitters

Our sitters come from a variety of backgrounds. Many sitters have a regular job in the professional service area and use their sitting assignments as a way to earn extra money.

Examples include a paralegal for a major oil service firm, a curator for a local museum, an administrative assistant to the president of a major company, an elementary school teacher, a financial service advisor, a psychologist and the administrative assistant to a very popular family owned Greek restaurant.

Other sitters are stay-at-home- moms or grandmothers who no longer have regular jobs but have plenty of experience caring for their own children and children of our clients. We also have several sitters who we originally sat for when they where small children and now sit for us when they are home for college holidays.

All sitters must pass a background check which includes screening for felonies, drug usage, sex crimes and other similar categories. New sitters are generally recommended by our current sitters or by our current clients.

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